“Be a traveler, not a tourist” 

That ‘s our motto. If you also would like to see more of Menorca, we can help you find the fun stuff!

We have selected a few activities that we personally love to do in our free time.

Car Rental

If you´re thinking of hiring a car, we recommend Offugo, the car rental service that fits perfectly with our vision of facilitating administrative tasks and create commodity.
With Offugo, you can book a car easily and quickly, ensuring that you don´t have to spend more time than necessary at the airport.

Boat Excursions

Explore the beauty of the open water with our exclusive boat excursions! Whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape or an adventurous journey, we have the perfect trip for you. Our offers include sunset cruises, day excursions and private charters with or without skipper. 

Menorca Discovery

As you already know, Menorca is a captivating island.
We encourage you to discover its scenic, cultural, and historical richness during an excursion that will grant you access to private estates restricted to the public.
Get away from the crowds! Feel nature. Experience tranquility with the first sunset of Spanish territory. As usual in our tours, we do not have a fixed itinerary; we strive to show you concepts so that you can discover the unknown Menorca, always talking about archaeology, geology, local arts, history, etc. 

Kayak tour to the caves

Have you ever been into a cave by Kayak? It’s such a nice and peaceful feeling! Also here are several options and if you prefer to go on your own we can just rent you a kayak instead. 
If you use pardela23 you will retrieve 5% discount! 

Bike tour Es Castell & Binibeca

Such a fun way to get to know the little villages of Menorca. 



Horseback riding

If you´re up for something a little more active, go horseback riding. We offer several options, from beginners to advanced. Take your pick. 

Want to have more information?

If you’d like to book something, or require a little more information, feel free to contact us. 

Horseback Riding

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