10 reasons to go on holiday to Menorca

Menorca calas

10 reasons to go on holiday to Menorca

Menorca is a small island, but it’s full of surprises. We still discover new things every week. If you come, the chance is big that you would like to come back and like to discover more.

1. The virgin beaches and calas

You think of course there are more beaches and calas around the world, but the calas and beaches of Menorca with clean and clear water have something special.In the north most beaches are red and rocky, with the contrasting bright blue color of the sea they are breathtaking. Be sure to visit Cala Pregonda, Playa Cavalleria, Cala Pilar & Cala Algaiarens.The beaches in the south are white and the water is beautifully light blue. They look like caribbean. Don’t forget Cala Mitjana, Cala Turqueta, Cala Macarella and Macarelleta & Cala Trebaluger.

beaches & calas

2. The beautiful nature

For over 20 years Menorca has been a Biosphere Reserve. A large part of Menorca is a protected nature reserve. And you can see that. Especially when you fly over Menorca you see that a large part of Menorca is not inhabited, but only green.

The Cami de Cavalls is a nature trail of 180 km, but there are many more hiking trails and also the nature park Albufera d’Es Grau. There are wild orchids, special bird species and an exceptionally beautiful and green landscape.

You can enjoy nature on Menorca by hiking, biking, mountain biking, kayaking or horseback riding. Which activity do you choose to enjoy nature on Menorca?

3. Activities in and on the sea.

Windsurfing in the bay of Fornells, snorkeling in Cala Morell, SUP in Es Grau, diving to caves in the sea, kayaking with your family or sailing with the wind in your hair.

Menorca has more than 200 kilometers of coast and the nautical activities are endless.

4. The nightlife in the ports.

Mahón, Ciutadella, Fornells and Calas Fonts are the most famous ports of Menorca. In the afternoon the fresh fish arrives in the harbor. There are many fish restaurants. In Fornells you can eat the typical caldereta de langosta, a stew with lobster.

In the summer you will find markets, life music and many terraces.

5. The tasty food

The food of Menorca has a lot of taste and is very varied. Fresh fish and seafood, meat, delicious vegetables together with a good wine from one of the vineyards of Menorca.

tapas & sea

6. History

Menorca has 2 archaeological monuments on every square kilometer. Taulas, talayots, navetas, prehistoric villages, forts, towers. It is impossible to visit them all in one week.

7. The authentic places.

Ciutadella the former capital with its palaces and small streets. Mahon with its terraces with life music on the Tuesdays in summer. Es Castell originally English with its small harbor Cales Fonts.Sant Lluis founded by the French with its mills. Alaior, Es Mercadal, Es Migjorn Gran, Ferreries. Each place has a cosy evening market in the summer.

menorca s’algar

8. The authentic festivities.

The festivities on Menorca start at the end of June in Ciutadella and end mid-September in Mahon. Each place has its own party. With two important ingredients: the typical Menorcan horse and the pomada, a mix of Menorcan gin and lemonade.

For the rest, “los Gigantes” (big dolls), many people in the street, a fair, fireworks and in Alaior a (carnival) parade.

9. The Tranquillity

In Menorca it is even in summer a lot quieter than on for example Mallorca or Ibiza. Almost no traffic lights and no motorways. Because there are fewer hotel beds and fewer flights, it can’t get as crowded as in Mallorca or Ibiza. In comparison on Mallorca 14 million holidaymakers per year and in Menorca 700.000

tranquility Menorca

10. The best tips from us!

We live in Menorca and can give you tips on car rental, horseback riding, water sports, boat trips, restaurants & excursion. Let us know when you come and with whom and we will be happy to give you advice!

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